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Medication Management
Medications can provide significant benefit for many patients with mental health symptoms. It is your clinician's job to assess your symptoms and then work with you to decide which medication options may be best. If medications have been prescribed, there will be ongoing assessment as to how they are working and how to mitigate any potential side effects.

We provide medication management for adults only.

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is an essential part of mental health treatment for many patients. Psychotherapy can help clients develop better coping skills when dealing with emotional stress or mental health symptoms. Therapists can also help clients reduce their symptoms or in some cases eliminate them entirely. Problems helped by psychotherapy include difficulties in coping with daily life such as experiencing relationship issues, a medical illness, or grieving the death of a loved one. It can also help people deal with
specific mental disorders, like anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression or
bipolar disorder.

We can provide therapy for adolescents and adults.