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Cancellations, Missed, & Late Appointments


If you must cancel, please call 410-451-3000 or email at least 24 hours in advance during normal business hours.

This will allow us to offer your appointment to someone on the wait list.


If you do not cancel your appointment within 24 hours, you will be charged a missed appointment or no-show fee of $100.00 for follow-up appointments, $200.00 for new evaluations, and $150.00 for hour long appointments. Fees must be paid prior to rescheduling another appointment. Exceptions will only be made for emergencies that occur within the 24-hour period prior to the appointment.

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It is important that you arrive on time or preferably 10 minutes early for your scheduled appointment so adequate time is available to manage your care. Because most appointments are scheduled for 30 to 90 minute intervals, if you are 10 or more minutes late for your appointment, there is no guarantee you will be seen and you may need to reschedule. If you arrive late and can still be seen, you may have to wait so as not to inconvenience other patients.


Appointment reminders are sent to all patients via text and email. If you are not receiving appointment reminders, please verify we have your correct mobile phone number and/or email address on file. Please note, appointment reminders are a courtesy service and failure to receive an appointment reminder is not an exception to the missed appointment and cancellation policy.


If you miss or are repeatedly late for 2 scheduled appointments within a calendar year, you may be discharged from the practice. Our goal is to provide personalized care and to do so includes your active participation.

On rare occasions, your provider may need to cancel and reschedule your appointment. In this case, your provider will provide you with a new appointment and will ensure that you have enough medication to last until you can be seen again. It is important that if your contact information changes, you inform our office so we may reach you in these circumstances.

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